The Expanding Color System

A Different Gaudi Altar

  I came upon a man sitting in a wooden box.  After giving him change from my pocket, I asked to take his picture. He agreed.  I then asked if he could make a smoke cloud using the cigarette he was smoking.  Because we did not speak the same language, I communicated this question by blowing out my own exhaust while waving my hands to imitate swirling smoke.  Again he agreed, and I snapped the photograph as his smoke cloud hovered by his side.

If I had not purchased a postcard of an Antonio Gaudi altar just prior to our encounter, resulting in the change in my pocket, this interaction would not have happened.

Hours later, I noticed the man wheeling his box, now collapsed, down a sidewalk.  He was heading in the opposite direction from the one I was facing.  I wondered what he might be thinking as he faded away, growing smaller in the corner of my left eye.

In my mind, all of this is art.