Resistance Workshop

Somebody stole our red, white and blue.  Help us get it back!

Hoofprint Editions and The Expanding Color System want artists to join together to make politically themed art that will shout to the world, WE ARE ONE!  As artists working in United States, we oppose the hate oozing from our White House.  The project will start with a portfolio of prints that promote a worldview of positivity including peace, love, human rights, decency and preservation of the planet.

We are an artist-run print shop.  Our vision for the project is one of expanding possibilities.  This is an absolutely no-profit endeavor for us.  Time and money for the project will be coming out of our own pockets.  We feel it our duty to help make artists’ voices heard. 50% of proceeds from each $20 poster sale will go to a charity of the artist’s choice.  The other half will go back into We Are One, covering materials, marketing, and packaging for posters in this ongoing series.

The project’s first print portfolio will feature 10 prints from 10 artists.  Each artist’s image will be printed in an edition of 60 in two colors on French Paper Co. 100lb cover.  The artist will retain 30 posters.  Reprinting a second edition is a possibility if the first edition sells out.  The artist will retain half of any future editions.  Any combination of red, white, and blue is acceptable—paper color and ink transparency can play an important role in this part of the design process.  With the artist’s permission, an unlimited newsprint edition of the portfolio will be created for broad circulation.

It is a glimmer of hope for us to know that our 45th president lost the popular vote by almost three million votes, the largest popular vote loss in American history.  We envision WE ARE ONE to be a bright spot in the dark days ahead.  As Carrie Fisher said, “take your broken heart, make it into art.”  We know that by working together, we can create something greater than us.

Please join us; WE ARE ONE!