Resistance Workshop

My name is Rob Craigie and I am an artist. Resistance Workshop is my project.

I’m also a father of two children and I’m sickened by the assault taking place on decency in the world. I’m offended that my children were told, “The earth is a very dangerous place” for the purpose of creating fear in their minds. I believe my children now live in a country where bullying, lying, cheating and degrading people and our planet are acceptable. We live in times of hate.

I created Resistance Workshop to be the opposite of hate.  I want my children to know they should always stand up and make their voices heard for what they believe to be just. Making art is my way to express what I hold sacred.

The Resistance Workshop makes thoughtful art that promotes a worldview of love, peace, respect, human rights and preservation of the planet. The vision for the project is one of expanding possibilities and promotes art with positive themes that can be easily distributed, accessed and discussed. Arts forms include T-shirts, buttons, prints, paintings, interactive wallpapers  and scotch whisky.

I don’t think that building walls makes our country stronger but I believe that removing barriers makes our world better. We want our children to sing that diversity is to be celebrated. It is what makes us unique and exceptional. The planet and its creatures need each other to survive. We are a microcosm of our beautiful universe.